VEBMAR can also supply marine radar spare parts and other marine navigation products for all you need.

Magnetrons Gen 4 Magnetrons Radar Packages
Marine Magnetrons in the following frequencies: 1.5 kW – 30 kW in X-Band
5 kW – 60 kW in S-Band
Our GEN4 magnetrons are the latest in magnetron technology. They can be used in new radars as well as in older equipment. Overview of radar packages comprised of magnetrons, circulators, limiters and front ends.
 Limiters Circulators Front ends 
solid state receiver protectors in all radar frequency bands from 1.25 to 40 GHz. Ferrite Devices operation from 350 MHz to 120 GHz, for a wide variety of applications. A range of low noise front end down-converters is available, covering the S- and X-band frequency ranges. Basic functions can be adapted to suit individual needs.
Noise Generators  Performance Monitors  &Etc
A range of solid-state noise generators is available, covering the X-band frequency range. Basic functions can be adapted to suit individual needs. Radar transceiver performance monitors for use on S- or X-band installations, providing a means of detecting system degradation.  In addition to the products mentioned think for example of RF receivers. Please contact us if you need other marine radar components; We develops everything with great care and concern for quality.
HF Antennas MF/HF (SSB) Antennas UHF Antennas
Your VHF antenna up to 6 meters long. Good quality and quickly available. To ensure durability, you can opt for MF/HF antennas with an extra wide diameter to 52 milimeters. UHF antennas of the 400 – 470 Mhz band are most effective for mobile communications.
Receiving Antennas   GPS Marine Antennas Broadcast (cellular) Antennas 
These antennas are developed to perform in narrow band widths, by which they get great gain.  Especially the MPGPS antenna is easy to install: directly on the deck, on a rail mount or on any of the 1” – 14 standard marine mounts. It is your choose how to connect with the world: wifi, GSM, AM/FM. 
24Vdc to 12 Vdc power converters DC to DC power supply / stabilizer AC to DC power supply
They offers a convenient way to operate mass produced 12Vdc equipment from the 24Vdc mobile electrical systems found on diesel engined vehicles and vessels. The DD series offers a fast and easy way to configure your system by fitting and stabilising different voltages. The AD series may be used to supply mobile radios and other appliances from AC mains.
Desktop power supply PowerTector Battery protection IC Battery Chargers AC-DC
This product offers a convenient way to convert 12Vdc mobile radio transceivers for use as desktop base stations.   This product offers excellent protection for your battery and for communication and other mission critical applications. This serie is available for intelligent charging any type of lead acid battery safely and reliably.
HF walkie-talkie battery (portable marine radio) Radar transponder battery (SART)
Lithium and rechargeable replacement batteries which are suitable for portable VHF marine radios of the most well-known brands: SAILOR, SKANTI, DEBEG, AXIS and McMurdo. A good working SART battery is vital. Your desired batteries required for example of Simrad equipment can quickly be
supplied by us

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