All successful shipbuilding ventures start out by matching an Owner and its needs with qualified shipbuilders to insure that the building program starts off on a solid footing. In VEBMAR‘s experience, the selection of the proper shipbuilders and a clear statement describing the needs of the Owner are essential in getting the program started. As more fully described below, VEBMARcan match the builders to the project and then act to insure that each of these prequalified builders fully understand the needs of the Owner when the bid request for a proposed ship design is translated into a bid specification and a Contract Price.


Based on its long experience, VEBMAR is in a position to offer its extensive knowledge of the world’s shipbuilding picture to an Owner in need of developing a Bidders List for its shipbuilding program. VEBMAR can take the lead, or simply assist an Owner, in identifying qualified shipbuilders who may be competitive in bidding on a specific project. Factors in shipbuilder selection include experience in building the type of vessel under consideration; the availability of standard designs similar to what is needed; a quality reputation; acceptable delivery dates in the builder’s current order book; and a history for fair price quotations.


Once a Bidders List has been prepared, and a project definition satisfactory to the Owner has been developed, VEBMAR can prepare a comprehensive Request for Quotation (RFQ) and conduct an industry-wide bid solicitation for the Owner’s consideration and evaluation. The RFQ can include an outline specification, required performance criteria, and overall commercial requirements or it can include a more thorough specification, including suggested key plans, all based on the Owner’s preferences or requirements.


VEBMAR can either lead or assist in the evaluation of shipyard bid proposals and then shortlisting those proposals until a final proposal has been identified as the starting point for technical and commercial negotiations leading to a mutually acceptable Contract.

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